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Mission Accomplished: Kidapawan City 911 responds to 5,733 emergency calls in2020

Kidapawan City (February 2, 2021) – The Kidapawan City Call 911 was able to respond to a total of 5,733 emergency calls based on its Emergency Medical Service Accomplishment Report for 2020.

City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (CDRRM) Officer Psalmer Bernalte disclosed that from the aggregate response of the Kidapawan City Call 911 to emergency situations, the highest number of emergency response are different medical cases with 1,574; followed by home transport with 972, and OB with 759.

The office also recorded emergency medical services for the following – laboratory (596), vehicular accident (571), out-of-town transport (449), refer and transport (369), dressing and refuse (337), psychotic (81), DOA (28), shooting incident (16), stabbing incident (10), and fire incident (3).

Bernalte attributed the relatively high performance of the CDRRMO for 2020 to the endeavor of Kidapawan City Mayor Joseph A. Evangelista to institutionalize some vital elements such as reporting of emergency cases and incidents of crime, quick and more effective emergency response, and encouraging the residents to participate and support programs that promotes safety and security in the community.

The operations of City Call 911, which is under the supervision of the CDRRMO is an integral part of the Public Safety and Peace and Order Program of the City Government. Along with this is the mission and vision of City Call 911 to continue professionalizing the emergency management system responses of the office.

Bernalte further informed that the CDRRMO’s Public Safety Program has successfully accomplished its planned activities for 2020 which include Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, issuance of Compliance Certification to subdivisions and other infra-development and strengthened the Mosquito Borne Epidemics Management and Control Program which aims to reduce the perilous dengue cases in some barangays.

Other significant activities performed by the CDRRMO were the conduct of aerial visualization which highlights aerial disaster risk assessment and security visualization operations; clearing of Mt. Apo forest fire line that aims to protect the forest from fire through division barriers and many other disaster responses including relief goods distribution and skills enhancement training for responders. (CIO_AJPME/jscj)

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City Government of Kidapawan launches more online competitions for 23 rd Charter Day celebrations

KIDAPAWAN CITY (February 1, 2021) – The celebration of Kidapawan City’s 23 rd Charter Day on February 12, 2021 is slated to become more meaningful as the City Government has launched additional online contests for stakeholders to join.

Kidapawan City Acting Information Officer Atty Jose Paulo M. Evangelista said that aside from the line up of virtual competitions such as vlog contest, E-comics making contest, photo essay contest, festival song contest, the City Government has added an array of equally apprising digital activities to include art painting, souvenir shirt design, plantita bidding/raffle, eco-tourism circuit tree planting and Tiktok challenge: Kidapawan
carnival song. Atty. Evangelista said the theme “Celebrating Life, Sustaining Peace, Envisioning Prosperity” of the 23 rd Charter Day of Kidapawan City is fitting and proper for Kidapawenos to be given full opportunity to celebrate and participate as they strictly observe the prescribed minimum health protocols because of the current pandemic.

“These are virtual activities that celebrate our existence and highlight our unity in attaining peace and prosperity” Atty. Evangelista also said with the assurance of a safe and participative festivity.

By virtue of Republic Act 8500 signed by then Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos on February 12, 1998 Kidapawan was declared a Chartered City thereby attaining its own administrative structure and powers. It is also declared as Special Non-Working Holiday in the city to give way for constituents to the activities for the two-week long celebration commenced on February 1, 2021 with the vlog contest spearheaded by the Sangguniang Kabataan Federation of Kidapawan City.

The other competitions are evenly distributed until the 23rd Charter Day on February 12, 2021 where a Culmination Program and awarding of winners. (CIO_AJPME/jscj)

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Dogs abandoned by owners up for adoption in Kidapawan City pound
KIDAPAWAN CITY (February 1, 2021) – A number of dogs impounded in the
Kidapawan City Veterinarian pound are now ready for adoption.
In her interview with” Let’s Go Kidapawan” radio program, Dr. Elaine Mahusay, City
Veterinarian II said a total of 15 stray dogs caught during their operation are eligible for
adoption and hopefully have new owners.
Dr. Mahusay said the requirements for adoption are very simple and those interested to
adopt dogs can now visit their office. These include filling out of adoption form,
screening of interested adoptive owner, and to shoulder the amount of P200 as
impounding fee.
The City Vet Office also said that several pet owners have now signified their interest to
adopt the dogs in the pound and have actually visited them to comply with the
In the recent operation, the City Vet operated in the villages of Meohao where they
rescued 8 stray dogs, Macebolig with 5 stray dogs, and San Isidro with 2. During the
operation, the City Vet personnel gave dog owners 3 hours before leaving the area so
that they have the chance right there and then to claim their pets before reaching the
pound area.
Pursuant to Executive Order No. 001 Series of 202, these dogs are now all eligible for
the adoption program. Photos of all captured dogs are posted in the City Government of
Kidapawan official website and official Facebook page in order to notify the public as
well as their respective owners.
Incase nobody will claim the dogs after a period of 7 days they will be declared as
abandoned and will already be eligible for adoption as stipulated in the E.O.
The latest information from the City Vet office says that out of the 15 stray dogs caught
recently, 7 were already claimed by owners and the remaining 8 are declared as
abandoned and will be ready for adoption. A screening will also be conducted today for
2 interested individuals who can bring home 2 dogs after the interview.

This project, according to City Veterinarian Dr. Eugene Gornez will save the captured
dogs from undergoing euthanasia or mercy killing and is indeed, a better option to take.
“Our office exerts all efforts to keep the community safe from stray dogs and keep away
the danger of rabies to the people”, said Dr. Gornez. He also appealed for dog and
other pet owners to take care of the animals and be more responsible as pet owners.
“Animals are part of the family and they bring joy to everyone”, he added.
Kidapawan City has a zero-case of rabies for the past 5 years and this is attributed to
the endeavor of the office to promote and maintain a rabies-free society by
strengthening the programs of the City Vet and by cooperating with certain animal
welfare organizations.
Apart from adoption of dogs, the City Vet Office continue with its free anti-rabies
vaccination for dogs, free spaying and neutering and other services such as vitamin
supplement and deworming at a very affordable amount.
For those interested to adopt they may visit the City Vet Office during office hours or
may call telephone number (064) 577-5662 for more inquiries. (CIO_AJPME/jscj)

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More IPMR’s inducted in villages in Kidapawan City
KIDAPAWAN CITY (January 29, 2021) – Two Indigenous People’s leaders were recently inducted as Indigenous People Cultural Community/Indigenous People Mandatory Representative in Kidapawan City.
Datu Jimmy Tuan of Barangay Meohao and Datu Alvin Iguianon of Barangay Gayola in
Kidapawan were sworn into office by Kidapawan City Mayor Joseph A. Evangelista in a
simple induction ceremony in their respective office which marks the commencement of
their duties to further advance the welfare of the IP community.
The newly inducted IP leaders will closely coordinate with the City Government
particularly with the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Tribal Affairs and the City Tourism
Office for all the programs concerning the IP community.
Mayor Evangelista considers the installation of Tuan and Iguianon as mandatory
representatives of their respective villages as a victory and at the same time giving the
IP the much- needed representation and a unified voice so that their struggles be heard.
“I am looking forward for stronger ties between the City Government and the IP
community and a continued stream of development of the tribes here in the city”, said
The mayor also said the installation of mandatory representatives in the city council
strongly adheres to the provisions of Section 16 of Republic Act 8371 otherwise known
as the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA), which mandated mandatory
representation in all policy-making bodies and in local legislative councils.
For their part, Datu Tuan and Datu Iguianon both promised to work closely with the City
Government and will also spearhead the protection and preservation of their culture.

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City Government of Kidapawan and DA12 bring back “Kadiwa ni Ani at Kita” to provide more agri-fishery supplies
KIDAPAWAN CITY (January 27, 2021) – Consumers in Kidapawan City will have an
opportunity to buy quality and affordable meat such as pork, chicken, beef, fresh fruits
and vegetables and other agricultural products at the “Kadiwa ni Ani at Kuya” outlet that
will be set up in the Pavillon of the City Plaza on January 29, 2021.
This is an undertaking of the City Government of Kidapawan and the Department of
Agriculture (DA) 12 to make agri-fishery products even more accessible to the people
and to make sure that there is a stable food supply in the city.
Kidapawan City Mayor Joseph A. Evangelista through the Office of the City Agriculturist
coordinated with DA12 for the timely and fast installation of “Kadiwa ni Ani at Kita” so
that consumers here will have better options in buying and see for themselves the
ample supply of these particular commodities in the city.
Both local and regional farmers and producers will take part in the said undertaking from
7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Sellers from South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani, and
other parts of Region 12 will display their stocks and buyers have the chance to choose
among the array of market products.
Aside from meat products, plenty of vegetables like pechay, raddish, carrots, squash,
potatoes and fruits like mango, durian, banana, rambutan ang many others will be
readily available upon the opening of Kadiwa.
At the height of the Covid19 pandemic in April 2020, the City Government and DA12
also partnered and came up with the first Kadiwa in Kidapawan aiming to sustain food
supply and ensure that every household had the opportunity to acquire basic
Despite the restrictions of the designated quarantine in the city, the activity gave
consumers the chance to buy fresh commodities at an affordable price and without
further going too far.
City Agriculturist Marissa Aton urged consumers from the city and nearby areas to
support Kadiwa as it is aimed to provide accessibility and conveniency as well as safety
in this time of Covid19 pandemic which comprises the program’s main objectives.

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Kidapawan City to celebrate 23rd Charter Day with meaningful, culture-based contests online

Kidapawan City (January 25, 2021) – Kidapawan City will celebrate it’s 23 rd Charter
Day on February 12, 2021 digitally or through online competitions. This development,
according to Kidapawan City Mayor Joseph A. Evangelista is for the City Government to
avoid community gatherings and to comply with the existing minimum health protocols
and at the same time ensure that the Charter Day of the city is given proper recognition.
Under the present situation where mass gatherings are prohibited and both government
and private sectors are banned from having community celebrations, Mayor Evangelista
said it is best for the city to celebrate its charter day and express its gratitude to
Kidapawenos by conducting online competitions such as festival song contest, vlog
contest, online painting contest, E-comics making contest, and photo essay contest.
“This is the best way to commemorate our charter day and be reminded of the sacrifices
of our past and present leaders for the sake of our city. We can still celebrate our
cityhood without the physical or actual presence of the people” said Evangelista
The festival song contest is open to all individuals with original compositions and
arrangement while the vlog contest is open to all individuals or group of three (3) ages
18 years old and above and bona fide resident of Kidapawan City.
On the other hand, the online painting contest is open to all amateur artists who are
residents of the city who must submit only one entry with the theme: Hope for
Kidapawan. Likewise, the E-comics is open to all individuals or group of three (3) ages
18 years old and above.
Furthermore, photography enthusiasts can also submit their entries focused on the
influence to the life of the photographer himself or herself.
Deadline for the submission of entries is on January 31, 2021 on or before 5:00 p.m.
Exciting prizes and recognitions await the winners of these contests.
Interested participants are advised to read the complete guidelines from the official face
book page of the city – City Government of Kidapawan or may log-in at the Kidapawan
City Government website ( Interested parties may also
inquire from the City Information Office through (064) 577-4829 and look for Atty. Jose
Paolo M. Evangelista, Acting CIO or any of his staff. (CIO_ AJPME/jscj)

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City Government of Kidapawan steps up assistance to farmers affected by
Covid19 pandemic, turns over 1 brand new hauling truck

KIDAPAWAN CITY (January 26, 2021) – The Kidapawan City Government through the
Office of the City Agriculturist (OCA) has stepped up its support to farmers adversely
affected by the Covi19 pandemic.
On Tuesday, January 26, 2021, officers and members of the Mua-an Farmers and
Producers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MFPMPC) received a brand new Fuso Hauling
truck from the city government which aims to hasten the transport of fruits, vegetables
and other products from farm to the market.
Funded by the Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP) and with a counterpart
from the City Government, the truck cost over P1M which initially will be used by the
beneficiary cooperative in hauling freshly harvested bananas.
Kidapawan City Mayor Joseph A. Evangelista said the truck is part of the continued
assistance of his administration to ensure the farmers continue to be productive, their
crops sold to the market without much difficulty and eventually secure food security for
the community.
“In these challenging times where almost, all sectors are badly hit by the pandemic we
make sure of the unhampered assistance to our farmers, especially the small ones
whose income rely solely on their harvest” said Mayor Evangelista as he again
highlighted the endeavor of the City Government to help in the fast recovery of the
agricultural sector.
No less than Mayor Evangelista himself led the turnover of the brand-new truck to the
representatives of MFPMPC and asked for their commitment in the different programs
and projects of the Office of the City Agriculturist headed by Marissa Aton.
For their part, the recipients expressed their gratitude and promised to take care of the
truck and maximize its use for the benefit of the organization.
Given the concern of transporting farm products from farm to market, the City
Government is set to purchase two more brand new hauler trucks for other farmers’
cooperatives in the barangays in order to advance further the vital assistance to the
agriculture sector amidst the pandemic, according to the OCA. (CIO_AJPME/jscj)

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Kidapawan City is third most competitive component city in Mindanao

Kidapawan City (January 22, 2021) – The City of Kidapawan emerged as third among the most competitive component cities in Mindanao based on the ranking of the Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index (CMCI) for 2020.

The CMCI is a yearly endeavor by both government and private entities which aim to promote a more competitive country and instill excellence among cities and towns while strengthening collaboration and reduce poverty through inclusive growth.

Kidapawan City ranked fifth in 2019 and climbed 2 notches last year, while Tagum City remained rank one in two consecutive years.  Kidapawan rose to rank two after it successfully met the four pillars for competitiveness namely Economic Dynamism, Government Efficiency, Infrastructure, and Resiliency.  

“Our data speaks for itself and we are more than happy the CMCI has recognized our efforts and our commitment to make Kidapawan City a more livable place”, said Kidapawan City Mayor Joseph Evangelista.   

Ten component cities made it to the Top 10 rankings of the CMCI in Mindanao for 2020 as follows Rank 1 – Tagum, Rank 2 – Cotabato, Rank 3 – Kidapawan, Rank 4 – Panabo, Rank 5 – Pagadian, Rank 6 – Dipolog, Rank 7 – Koronadal, Rank 8 – Gingoog City, Rank 9 – Surigao, and Rank 10 – Malaybalay.    

Mayor Evangelista said the City Government is elated with the ranking attained by Kidapawan and attributed this to the strong partnership with the different stakeholders and their continued support to all the programs and projects of his administration.

“We are way ahead of other bigger cities and received the recognition despite the challenges and difficulties brought by the Covid19 pandemic”, the mayor said adding that the current leadership is geared towards economic recovery with the help of the community.

The mayor also highlighted the sacrifices of the city last year as many constituents took a tool from the Covid19 pandemic but does not hinder the Kidapawenos to unite even more and work hand in hand with the City Government.

The DTI Competitiveness Bureau, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), and other agencies comprising the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) accumulates and evaluates the data submitted or complied by the cities and municipalities and from the regional level.

The City Government of Kidapawan continues to implement programs and projects geared towards enhancement of business climate and in advancing truthful public service for all. (CIO_AJPME/jscj)

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Kidapawan City council approves budget to purchase Covid vaccines and ambulance vehicles

KIDAPAWAN CITY (January 19, 2021) – In a special session held this morning, the Sangguniang Panlungsod ng Kidapawan declared a state of calamity in the entire city in response to the increasing number or surge of Covid19 positive cases in the city.

The special session gave way to the urgent passage of three resolutions of the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (CDRRMC) namely Resolution No.1 -2021, A resolution recommending for the declaration of state of calamity in the City of Kidapawan due to the effect of Covid19 pandemic and authorizing the Honorable City Mayor Joseph A. Evangelista to utilize the CY 2021 LDRRMF 30% Quick Response Fund (QRF) for Covid19 response programs, projects and activities amounting to P14,703,000.00; Resolution No. 2-2021, A resolution recommending for the reprogramming of the unexpended balances/appropriations of various programs, projects, and activities funded under the Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund 70% CY 2020-2021 to disaster risk reduction and management  programs, projects and activities in the total amount of P19,470,000.00; and Resolution No. 3-2021, A resolution recommending the release and use of unexpended appropriations of LDRRMF Special Trust Fund CY 2017 to address the disaster response requirements of the Covid19 emergency in the amount of P1,300,000.00.

Mayor Evangelista himself was the resource person during the SP Kidapawan special session presided by Kidapawan City Councilor Melvin Lamata, Jr. Chair of the Committee on Legal Matters and Good Governance.  “Any second that we delay the purchase of vaccine is endangering the lives of our people. That we cannot afford”, Mayor Evangelista stressed.

City Vice Mayor Jivy Roe Bombeo and City Councilor Ruby Padilla-Sison were not around during the session. Eleven other councilors were present making a quorum at the session.

Mayor Evangelista disclosed that a total of P28M coming from the 30% QRF and reprogramming of unexpended balances will be utilized to purchase vaccines for Covid19, four new ambulances, and cooling storages.

The City Government targets an estimated 45,901 residents to be vaccinated out of the said funds and after consideration of the roll out of vaccines from the national government covering 50-70% of the population in each province, city, or municipality.

Simultaneous to the approval of the three resolutions, the city mayor signed today Executive Order No. 006 series of 2021 containing the local vaccination scheme of the city. The EO 006 states the priority sectors for vaccination – front liners and senior citizens, and extends to teachers, market vendors, tricycle drivers and “habal-habal” drivers and the media. A vaccination team will be created and will undergo training and the system for acquiring the vaccine is also stipulated in the said EO.

Mayor Evangelista assured the constituents the City Government will be mindful in acquiring the vaccine and underscored the importance of its safety and efficacy.  “We will only acquire vaccines which are approved by the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) and from those pharmaceuticals that are able to secure the Emergency Use Authority (EUA)”, said the mayor.

Meanwhile, the total number of positive Covid19 cases as of today in Kidapawan City is more than 50 with numerous suspected cases being monitored and rigid contact tracing in effect.

The City Health once more appealed to everyone to continue observing the minimum health protocols and do every possible means to avoid being infected by Covid19 virus as the vaccine for Covid19 is not yet available. (CIO_AJPME/jscj)

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Kidapawan City Government bares wide support to agriculture sector amid pandemic

KIDAPAWAN CITY (JANUARY 18, 2021) – With the threat of the corona virus disease 2019 (Covid19) still high and continuing to bring adverse effects to the city’s agriculture sector, the City Government of Kidapawan bares its Support to Agriculture Program from the Annual Budget for 2021.

Kidapawan City Mayor Joseph A. Evangelista disclosed that around P76M will be utilized to implement the program which includes purchase of a farm heavy equipment (back hoe), three refrigerated vans, 2 hauling trucks, establishment of feed mill, 1 additional demonstration farm, and a recovery scheme to further help the farmers who incurred significant losses due to the pandemic.

Mayor Evangelista said that his administration will continue to provide aid to farmers particularly the vegetable and fruit growers based in different villages as well as livestock raisers and fisherfolks.

“We know the difficult situation of our farmers whose income substantially decreased because of the pandemic. We cannot let them totally suffer and carry the burden all along. The budget we allotted for agriculture will empower them in terms of improving crops and livestock production; not to mention our goal of attaining food sufficiency and supply independence” the Mayor also said.

Some P9.5M will be utilized for various crops production including vegetable, corn, pomelo and calamansi; P4.2M for tilapia and mushroom production; P7M for livestock and poultry production; P2.7M for feed mill and a big portion goes to the acquisition of equipment, trucks and vans.

Mayor Evangelista added that the Office of the City Agriculturist is mandated to encourage more fisherfolks to sustain fish production by helping them in burrowing more fishponds. The office will also see to it that farm products such as vegetables, fruits, grains, fish and meat will be freshly sold in the market with the use of the hauling trucks and refrigerated vans the City Government will acquire in no time.

Furthermore, farmers will have an easy time in selling their farm produce as the City Government will continue buying vegetables and fruits harvested by local farmers through the Farmer’s Market program and to sell the same at affordable prices.

Along with these interventions to provide them with an easy way to produce processed food for their tilapia fingerlings and other pellets for livestock as well as fertilizers to boost production. This will eventually save them time and money, according to the City Government.

For her part, City Agriculturist Marissa Aton highlighted the Support to Agriculture Program as a comprehensive action of the City Government to combat ill-effects of Covi19 pandemic to our farmers.

“In response to Covid19, we are doing these as measures to assist local farmers and to help maintain food security which is an essential function of our office”, Aton said. 

The City Government is committed in uplifting the local farmers and continues to formulate strategies to help them cope up with all the challenges confronting them brought about by the Covid19 pandemic.  (CIO_AJPME/jscj)

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